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Silver Recovery

Since 1974 B & D Associates has been providing on-site silver recovery services and paying “top dollar” for all silver waste and silver by-products

We create silver recovery and recycling solutions to help organizations just like yours with environmental compliance, including EPA laws as well as state and local regulations.

While some silver-containing wastes are not technically classified as "hazardous wastes" they are still toxic and should not be released into the environment. That’s why there are federal, state and local regulations to require the removal of silver from photo chemical waste in order to meet discharge limits.

We can provide the correct system for your application no matter what your discharge rate or amount of chemical you discharge.

Our Services

Here are the silver recovery services we provide:

checkOn-site Silver Recovery

checkPhoto Chemical Haul-off service

checkIon Exchange Systems

checkRecovery Canister Refining

checkSilver Flake Refining

checkElectrolytic Flake Refining

checkWash Water Recirculation Systems

B & D Associates also offers electrolytic systems, metallic replacement cartridges, canisters, and chemical neutralization tanks. We can replace your silver recovery equipment, provide replacement parts and even offer trouble-shooting support.

Our Customers

Although our primary focus is the New England states we service customers nation-wide. Here are the types of organizations we serve:

  • Medical facilities

  • Medical Imaging

  • Dental Offices

  • X-ray clinics

  • Photographers and photo studios

  • Photo labs

  • Printers

  • Industrial Imaging

  • Flexographers


How To Choose The Right Silver Recovery Company

Here are five questions to ask any silver recovery company to see how they compare to
B & D Associates.

1. How long have you been providing silver recovery services?
B & D Associates was established as a silver recovery company in 1974.

2. Do you offer free quotes?
B & D Associates will review the size and scope of your job and give you a free quote, “on-the-spot”.

3. When will we be paid for our silver?
B & D Associates will give you your payment at pickup or when we receive your mailed materials.

4. Can you provide references?
B & D Associates can provide numerous references upon request, from long-term clients who have been with us for at least 10 years.

5. Have you or your outlets had any environmental citations?
B & D Associates nor our outlets have had any environmental citations.