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Shredding Services


We offer two types of shredding services and two types of shredding methods. Here’s a review of each:

Shredding Services

Purges are one-time shredding options that an organization chooses to safely dispose of stored documents. Purges can be handled on-site at your company location or storage facility…or as part of an off-site shredding process at our main facility.

On-Going Shredding Services are also called “scheduled” or “route” shredding services. With this service we provide the appropriate number of locking security containers for your office or facility. Then when one of your company employees has a confidential document they need to destroy, instead of wasting time and money shredding it with the office shredder, all they have to do is drop it into the locked security container. Then on your scheduled pickup day, we’ll pick up the contents of your security containers and shred everything using one of following two shredding methods.

Shredding Methods

On-Site Shredding offers the ultimate in information security. Our certified drivers pick up confidential materials from your locked containers and bring them directly to our shredding truck. The hydraulic lift on the truck then raises the container to the shredder and your confidential information is completely destroyed in minutes. As an added security feature, our shredding services can be witnessed with a camera and video monitor system onboard all of our high-tech shredding trucks. This allows both driver and customer to verify that all confidential information has indeed been shredded on-site.

If you want the ultimate level of information security, our on-site shredding program should be your choice in document destruction services.

Off-Site Shredding is a highly secure, lower-cost alternative to on-site shredding. Our certified drivers pick up confidential materials from your locked containers and place them in a large, locking container. From there they are secured in a locked shredding company truck and brought back to our plant to be shredded. Once at our facility, the driver brings all the locked security containers into the plant. The confidential materials are then shredded by our certified workers, all of which have passed stringent background checks and on-going, random drug tests. The shredded materials are then baled and recycling.

As an added measure of security we’ve installed video surveillance cameras at key locations throughout our plant to guarantee that your documents will always be safe while under our care.
If you’re looking for a highly-secure, low-cost alternative to on-site mobile shredding, our off-site, plant-based shredding process should be your choice.