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QHow does your one-time shred process work?

AJust give us a call and we’ll give you a highly-competitive, no-hassle price quote and confirm your price in writing. On your scheduled service day we’ll pick up your boxes and secure them on our locked shredding truck. Then we’ll bring all materials on the truck back to our secure plant to be shredded.


QWhat if we need on-going service? How does that process work?

AThe process is similar to our bulk shredding process. First we’ll deliver the number of locking security containers that you need so that all your employees can simply discard expired confidential documents into the containers. Then on your scheduled service day we’ll empty your security containers into one of our larger containers, and secure them on our locked shredding truck. Then we’ll bring all materials on the truck back to our secure plant to be shredded.
(To see a step-by-step review of our shredding processes, click here.)


QFor on-going service, how often will you service our facility?

AFirst we’ll consult with you to determine how often you think you’ll need a pickup. Then once our security bins are in place we can adjust service frequency to meet your needs.


QWhat types of security containers do you provide?

AWe can secure any sized bin you require, however most of our clients choose either a 64 gallon bin or a 32 gallon executive console. (To view our security containers, click here.)


QIs there a charge for the security containers?

AWe provide free security containers to all our on-going-service customers.


QWhat can we put in the security containers?

AYou can put any color or type of paper, paper clips, staples, rubber bands, labels and file tabs into our security containers.


QWhat other materials can you destroy besides paper?

AWe can shred almost anything. We routinely destroy paper clips, staples and books. We can also shred binders, CDs, hard drives, plastics, magnetic or optical media and fabrics, as long as separated from the paper.


QDo you offer any documentation that our materials have been shredded?

AYes. Once we take ownership of your documents on your pickup day, we’ll issue you an instant Certificate of Destruction for your records to help protect you in the event of an audit or lawsuit.


QWhy can’t I just use a recycler for our expired documents?

AMany recycling companies choose not to shred your confidential information. They ship your in-tact documents overseas leaving them vulnerable to unauthorized access. If you’re concerned about the environment, please remember that we recycle 100% of your documents after they are securely destroyed.


QHow much do you charge for your services?

AOur prices are highly competitive. Call us for an exact quote.


QCan I save money by bundling your services?

AIf you choose both our shredding service and any other service we provide we’ll give you a discounted “combo price” to save you even more money.


QHow do I know which shredding company to choose?

AFor more information about how to choose the shredding company that’s right for you, including 10 questions to ask any shredding company you may be considering, click here.