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Our History

In 1974, Hermann and Mary Jo Fischer saw an opportunity to work with medical facilities, so they started a silver recovery service from the basement of their Hopkinton, Massachusetts home.

“Back then all x-rays contained silver” said Hermann Fischer, president of B & D Associates, “so medical clinics and hospitals needed our help. We offered outstanding service at a great price and we grew our business pretty quickly.”

In fact they grew so quickly, within a year they had moved out of their basement location and into a new 4,500 sq ft facility.

Over the years the composition of x-rays changed and the demand for silver recovery services diminished. However since B & D Associates had already established great relationships with a number of medical facilities, in 2005 they decided to start offering medical waste disposal services as well.

Soon they expanded their client list to include laboratories, veterinarians, funeral homes and other biohazard-producing businesses. They also expanded their coverage area so that it now includes the New England region.

With a thriving, family-owned business, Hermann and Mary Jo would have been content to just provide medical waste disposal services. But in 2008 when more and more of their clients asked for assistance to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) B & D’s began offering document destruction services as well.

Today B & D Associates, Inc. is headquartered in Concord, New Hampshire. They provide medical waste disposal, document shredding and x-ray film recycling services to a growing list of clients throughout New England. And just like they have since it all started nearly 40 years, they continue to separate themselves from their competition by offering better service, lower prices and guaranteed compliance.