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Medical Waste Services


If your organization generates any type of regulated medical waste then proper handling and disposal of this waste is essential for you to remain compliant.

B & D Associates can help ensure your compliance. We are a full-service medical waste disposal company serving hospitals, medical clinics, dentist’s offices and other facilities that need to safely dispose of bio-hazardous waste. Here is a brief description of our services:

Scheduled Service

No matter how much waste your organization generates, we can safely and securely collect, transport and properly dispose of your medical waste. We also provide a manifest for tracking and a certificate of destruction for your records. Our scheduled pickup service is available daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

On-Call Service

Not sure how often you’ll need a pickup of your medical waste? Just call when you need us and we’ll provide the same great service to you that our scheduled service customers receive.

OSHA Training

You shouldn’t have to purchase a premium program for $1,200 or more just to access the training that you need. Our OSHA training programs cost about 90% less than what you can expect to pay a national medical waste disposal company for their training.

To learn more about our training programs click here.

Free Medical Waste Audit

Medical facilities waste thousands of dollars by including non-hazardous waste like paper, cardboard and food into their medical waste stream. With our Free Medical Waste Audit we can evaluate your waste stream and quantify your savings. For more information call us or click here.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

gauranteeIf you’re not happy with our service, let us know and we’ll make it right. If you’re still not satisfied, we’ll refund your service fee.

Other Services

We offer more than just medical waste disposal services. To learn more about our shredding services or our x-ray film recycling and silver recovery services, just click on one of the boxes to the right.