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Medical Waste Disposal Laws


As a licensed transporter of medical waste, B & D Associates must comply with all federal waste regulation laws, as well as the individual state medical waste laws throughout New England.

If your organization generates medical waste streams you’re required to follow these laws and regulations as well.

To learn more about the medical waste handling and disposal laws that affect your organization, just click on the applicable links below:


Federal Laws & Regulations:

Federal Record Retention Guidlines for Medical Records

FDA Page on Home Diposal of Sharps

EPA PDF on chemical handling for Photo Labs

CDC Link to Healthcare associates infection information


State Laws & Regulations



Medical Waste PDF

Hazardous Waste


Amalgam Guidlines

Biomedical Waste Guidlines

Hazardous Waste Guidlines


Amalgam Program

Hazardous Waste

Management of Medical or Biological Waste

New Hampshire:

Amalgam Guidlines

Infectious Waste Guidlines Part ENV-SW 904

Photo Chemical Waste Management

Dental Pollution Prevention

Rhode Island:

Amalgam Guidlines

Medical Waste

Hazardous Waste


Dental Best Practice Management and Amalgam Guidlines

Medical Waste Guidlines

Hazardous Waste Guidlines